Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Book Of Eli

What the hell?!!? Denzel got that Jeet Kune Do training for this one! I really like this movie. Off the title and previews I knew what this was about, so I had a 10 outta 10 anticipation for this one!

Check out if you want the story stuff.

Now! This is Denzel's best action sequences EVER! Which makes it even cooler to see this old grey whoopin' e'erybody's ass AND shruggin' off rounds from a 9mm! WHAAAT?! Denzel's superman now?! Then Gary Oldman ain't been a badguy like this since The Professional. A very believable muthfuckah too! Scary old bastard.

You need to see this one. It'll have you wantin' to go back to yo' mama's church next Sunday just to make sure a world like this don't happen. Also, if you're a po'boy like me, you ain't got the good HDTV and blu-ray to see the beautifully settings in the movie. Little things in the background really pop out and make you feel the way they do in this post-apocalypse world. Lastly, strong build-up of Denzel's character really make you connect with him because all he's doin' is tryin' to protect this last copy of the Bible! That helps in the end when you say: "What the fuck?! He was blind?!"

Yeah I spoiled it :p

9.5 outta 10

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