Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oh my god! I cant recall a worse vampire movie.

Ethan Hawke looks like such a fucking gimp, he makes being a vampire uncool.
The whole world has turned into vampires and now they farm humans hooked up to the big old Matrix equiptment lookin' shits, for blood. But the supply is running low since the "cattle" is dying out. Really? You always hear about people surviving in comas for years or even decades, and you'all can't keep some alive for food? Problem 1
Problem 2 is that since their starving now, they're mutating into these bat creatures. But they didn't actually explain how or why. Viewers are suppossed to be brain dead fucks and not pay attention to the details.
Problem 3 they find a cure. But after 10 years of being a vampire and undead, like with no beating heart and such. How the fuck is the old ticker just gonna jumpstart? Dude, if you go into cardiac arrest,it's checkout time!
So I guess the coolest part is seeing Willem Dafoe not age since Spiderman. I mean dude still looks exactly the same. And Sam Neill is a scary-ass looking vampire. I wouldn't want to run into homie in the dark in real life, he's gott those crazy eyes ever sinceInto the Mouth of Madness

But whatever. Wait 'til dvd, you have nothing else to do and a dollar for the

5 outta 10


Sara B said...

LMAO. the last few roles Ethan Hawke chose sucked! unfortunately the last several movies (kinda like this one) that have come out have been so similar and totally poorly written. its like Hollywood is running out of good sounds like I am legend...

Screen Talker said...

it was bad... reeeeally bad. and after twilight, i buy that as the reason vampires dont go in the sun more then anything