Friday, February 5, 2010


Someone once told me that Heaven is a place of Order and Purpose and God is its ever vigilant and unwaivering Quarter master.
Whereas the Abyss is full of wild ever changing madness. Merely swayed by the influence of Lucifer, its Chaos cannot be tamed.
We on Earth's Paradise are children that have been forgotten by their Father. Left only with a memory of Him, we've become Lost from the path to Nirvana.

Family, if you'all ever wanna talk religion, please don't be afraid to hitt me. We can sitt down with some irish coffee, pan dulces and have a long, long conversation.
With that, Legion was a bloody good fucking movie. Good old fashion Hitchcockian mind fucker squeezed in between a horror flick! Tyrese plays that dude that's actin all tough but turns right into a big ole pussy. And its got that Alabama boy from Tokyo Drift that plays a big ole pussy that turns into the tough guy. (?!)
So in the flick, God's fed up with us and orders a Legion of angels to destroy humans, but the angel Michael (played by the homie who was Shakespeare in Knight's Tale and the albino Silas in The Da Vinci Code) rebels God's order because he maintains his faith in man's compassion.
This had me full of OH! OOW! SHIT DON'T! YOU STUPID MUTHERFUCKER!! I had fun with it. And an angel fight!! I never imagined that one before! Not bad until it falls off at the end. It looked like I was watching the closing of Terminator- ferreals like Sarah Connor with the blue bandanna and jeep full of weapons. Closing monologue "no fate but what we make" and all that.
All good until then!
So, this is definitely a dudes' movie, boys if its your turn to pick, go see it. What else you got? Dear John or Valentine's Day?

9 outta 10

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