Thursday, January 13, 2011

2012 Mercedes SLK | Looks Like An SLS - But She Doesn't Perform As Well

With styling cues taken from her big sister, the 2012 SLK doesn't quite fit the panties.  You see, the SLS is that $200,000 gull-wing hyper luxury racer that puts out 563hp/480lbs.ft to slam your nose hairs into your cerebral cortex.  This little chicky does 355hp/376lbs.ft in it's AMG line.  Still respectable, but it's like looking at an inexperienced 18 year old that what nothing more then to be as hot as her 30 year old hot, professional, hot, successful, hot sister.

Would I drive one? Yes.  Would I flog her up and down Highway 1 from SF to LA?  Fuck yes.  Till the wheels fell off.  Would I buy one?  Christ No!  This is a car you buy your mama once you make your first million.  This is the car you buy your daughter on her college graduation, after you've made your first million.  This is the car you buy your girlfriend to keep her away from your wife, after you've made your first million.  What I;m saying is that if you want to spend $67,000 on a Mercedes, roll with the C63 AMG.  At least that way you have a trunk big enough to fit a case of Coronas and blankets to take that hot 30 something to the beach.

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