Thursday, January 13, 2011

Detroit Auto Show | 2012 Honda Civic

Honda Civic.  It's like saying an old girlfriend's name.  Either you love it and would do anything for it or it gives you douche chills.  I happen to have a deep rooted love for the four-banger.  I was 15 and wanted nothing more then to get my hands on a brand new 1996 Hatch.  I had the exact car picked out at the local dealership that I wanted.  Black.  But alas, without a job to pay for insurance it didn't happen for a couple more years.

 Flash forward to 2012:
Honda Motors has a tendency to stay true to the evolving spirit of the Civic.  And even though she's wearing that overcoat to keep away prying eyes, I think I can see those sexy curves.

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