Thursday, January 13, 2011

Detroit Auto Show | BMW M1

First designed to be an entry level BMW, the 1 Series gets some much deserved M-Love from the Bavarian Motor Works.  Although it's not the menacing V8 twin turbo out of the M3, it is a twin boosted 3.5 liter inline 6.  The same six cylinder that comes in the 335i, but due to what Bimmer's referring to as "overboost", bumps up the standard 335bhp/332lb-ft to a stout 368lb-ft of torque to take the compact from 0 to 60 in less then 4.3 second.  Add on the fat boy fender flares, M3 suspension & diff, throw in the manual 6-speed and you've got one helluva Jonny Racer out the box!  All the standard M cosmetic are also present from the badgings to Alcantara suede and leather seating, but the M! fore goes the convertible and sunroof to save on weight and maintain body rigidity.
In there are 2 heavy breathing turbo chargers.  Somewhere.

Now before you run out and sign away your grade A+ credit score, understand that this is 135i with M3 parts for over $47,000.00.  Yes girls, $47k for a car that barely fits 2 adults (think Miata with backseats for show).  So if you've got the dough and are afraid of getting into a full M3, jump right in.  The water's fine!

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