Monday, January 31, 2011

On DVD This Week | February 1st

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 - starring a whole lotta people trying for that last push on an ending career in Hollywood - If you've got kids that are really into the talking dogs movies, like mine, it's a BUY - unfortunately. For everybody else - PASS.

Chain Letter - Did I wake up in a time warp and it's 1996 for people to be freakin out about a spooky chain letter? A mix of I Know What You Did Last Summer & the first Scream. If you have room on your Netflix queue or onDemand and have time to kill this weekend, RENT.

Hatchet II - A horror/ comedy/ slaher in the vein of Evil Dead, Friday The 13th and Halloween, the Hatchet series is good one to have in The Collection for when that time comes you want to impress a movie geek date. BUY.

Mean Girls 2 - Jennifer Stone looks cuter then ever, but PASS.

Monsters - I have been waiting for this movie for months! Six years ago, an NASA probe with alien life samples crashed landed in Mexico and ever since then, the area has been deemed quarantined. Today, a U.S. tourist in Central America needs to get home and her only way is through the INFECTED ZONE with the help of an American journalist - BUY!!!

TCM Greatest Classic Legends: Errol Flynn - I know not everyone may be into the old timey flicks, but this right here is a smooth collection of one of the most debonair cats of all time - Errol Flynn. More of one you may watch on a free weekend, I suggest this one to be part of The Collection - BUY.

Let Me In - A bullied boy is befriended by a young girl vampire - a solid RENT

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