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Transformers: Dark Of The Moon | Character Rumors and Truths

If you want spoilers check out

If not, Let's start with the Autobots:

We've all seen pics of the Peterbilt semi - Optimus Prime, now with his trailer 

And of course the ever yellow Bumblebee in his 2012 Chevy Camaro SS form.  With the never to be found body kit...

Big Sexy himself, Ironhide rolls out still in his 2007 GMC Topkick

Ratchet get some neon green and white as a Hummer H2 Fire Rescue truck

The Jar-Jar twins, Skids and Mudflap are back, this time in the form of what's being called the Chevy Spark.  I doubt this car will ever see production.

The bad boy Sideswipe is in his digs as the concept Corvette Stingray and this time he's goin for the convertible look.  This is a car that Chevy will tell you flat out will NEVER be made.  Hell, there's a good chance the Corvette itself could go away for good.

The blue Mercedes E550 is all but confirmed by Bay himself to be Wheeljack.  There were earlier pics from this Summer of his facecard the actors were using as a reference point that look quite like the science bot.
Note the would be glowing fiber optic strands out the side of his head and cover over his mouth like G1 Wheeljack.  And since he was a scientist, this would be the perfect segway to intro Optimus' trailer as an invention of his.

No pics yet of Silverbolt.  Whose vehicle form was modeled after a Concorde jet in G1.  BTW he's being voiced by Uncle Phil.
Bet you didn't know he was the voice of The Shredder in the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

The old bot at the end of the trailer is said to be Sentinel Prime who was a mentor of Optimus and leader on Cybertron.  Sentinel Prime passed the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus as he lay dying.  I can assume that the crashed ship is going to be The Ark and part of reurning Prime to his home planet and take rule back from Shockwave. (edit: it has been confirmed that he is Sentinel Prime and that The Ark makes an appearance in the film)

I'm hoping this Ferrari 458 is Rodimus. Bay's not that cool though.
Update: Ferrari is MIRAGE
This airport fire truck, a Rosenbauer Panther, is assumed to be Ultra Magnus to coincide with his current form in Tranformers: Animated (edit: the Rosenbauer is actually Sentinel Prime)

Wreck-Gar concept.

A reimagining of Volt/Jolt or whatever Chevy's calling the new electric car.

The NASCAR trio is going to be an elite squad of Autobot commandos known only as The Wreckers.  Sorry about an earlier post where I was following the rumor of them being Stunticons.  I ran with that since the pics of Megatron's new form was floating around.  Which brings us to...

The Decepticons

Confirmation that Michael Bay Hates Megatron.
Those Murdered-out Chevy Suburbans in the back are known as The Dreads.  Probably a bunch of mindless drones to protect the Fucked-By-Bay-Megatron.

An armored truck a.k.a. Payload.  The muscle of the outfit, perhaps replacing Blackout's position as Megatron's en trustee.

The interwebs point to this custom Dodge Charger being an actual character on the movie.  Note the emblem and custom body kit.  But I've seen Civics and S-13's done up in Transformers gear since the 90's.

Soundwave reportedly comes down to Earth out of his satellite mode.  And perhaps we'll see more of the old school cassette squad poppin out.

The venerable Shockwave.  

Concept art, but non the less cool looking.
And those that have too much free time have dug up this pick of Shockwave in Revenge of the Fallen during the Devastator fight.

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