Monday, January 24, 2011

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon | Wave 1 Toy List | Potential Film Character List

So the Transformer Movie toyline releases don't necessarily mirror the character appearances in the film, but what this list does do is allow us to speculate and maybe confirm a few character rumors for the new film.
I'm going to show you images of the Transformers: Animated toyline along with what I can find of the new film  so we can make educated guess on the characters appearance because the Animated line seems to be what Takara Tomy, owners of the Transformers franchise is following as canon.

So the next image you'll see is a leaked character list of the preliminary toyline to come out the same time as the film.

So of course we know who the bulk of this list is and their images can be seen on my Character Rumors post, but for some of the unknowns here, let's break it down.  Click on the pic to enlarge.

Sentinel Prime (speculated)

(an upgraded version of Ultra Magnus on Transformers: Animated)

If she survived RotF, here's what she looks lie in the movie
and on HUB's Transformers: PRIME
The triplets may come back as Combiners in DotM

For the Autobot Air Ride, I haven't been able to find anything on the web 
that even names a Transformers character Air Ride.


Barricade - BARRICADE?!
Well the mysterious scout bot wasn't present in RotF, 
but perhaps there's a chance he'll appear in the next film - hinthint, Bay -

In the current toyline, Crankcase is a Combiner that does so with drones.  
Seeing as Megatron has the Dreads drones following him, perhaps he combines wit them?
For the toyline of the 2007 film, Crankcase looked like a Dodge Wagon

Autobot Military Helicopter
There is just way too many Autobot helicopters in the universe to guess
who this will actually be.  But since Silverbolt is in this film and he was part of 
the Aerialbots that combined in to Superion, a chopper Autobot in DotM is possible.

And of course we all know the "New Villian" is going to be...

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