Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins ' The Dark Knight Rises' Cast

If Christopher Nolan is your friend, you'll never be out of work.  Coming across as one of the coolest cats today, if there's any young actor that deserve an accelerated career boost, it's this man.  

Now for rumor concerning his character, read more after the jump... 

Joseph Gordon -Levitt will be The Joker
The wildest speculation out there is that he will be replacing Heath Ledger as The Joker due to his uncanny resemblance to the deceased.
But I challenge that notion: Nolan had a lot of love and respect for Ledger and as of now, hasn't even confirmed whether or not he'd add unused footage of The Joker in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
Chances Are: Highly Unlikely

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be The Riddler
While it's been confirmed that Anne Hathaway is Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane, the likelihood of a character like The Riddler may be slim.  
But not impossible...
Mr. Zsasz's appearance in Batman Begins was all but missed by comic fans, the cameo by Scarecrow was short and sweet in The Dark Knight,  and frankly, if Commissioner Gordan didn't out right call Harvey Dent, Two-Face in the hospital scene of The Dark Knight, Middle America wouldn't have understood who the hell he was supposed to be.
Chances Are: Likely

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be Dr. Hugo Strange
Hugo Strange was the overseeing psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and was painfully obsessed with the true identity and secret of the Batman.  In one storyline, he worked with Gotham PD to track down Batman and Strange even deduced his identity as Bruce Wayne.  In another, he worked for the Falcone crime family and experimented on Arkham patients turning them into "Monster Men".  Mutated hulks that prowled Gotham in search of the Batman. 
(John Glover's character in Batman & Robin touched on that).  
Gordon -Levitt was bald and deranged in G.I. Joe as Cobra Commander
so I think-
Chances Are: Very Likely

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