Monday, March 28, 2011

Netflix Gets Serious With Exclusive Deals | In Bed With Miramax

If you're reading this right now, you may have a similar lifestyle as mine.  You cruise Twitter and Facebook while at work or on your smartphone, peruse a metric ton of daily e-mails from tech and news sites, then come home to get in a good hour of web surfing and catch up on last season's episodes of Futurama on Netflix on your Wii.  And perhaps like me, your slightly disappointed with the recent deals between Netflix, Starz and Showtime with Netflix losing out on a great deal of content.  Well as you can see from the title, that's going to change.

It appears that executives at Netflix have taken steps to sign a $100 million deal with Miramax that would give Netflix users access to the over 700 title catalog which includes Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Apocalypse Now, The Prophecy, Trainspotting and many, many more.
The Wall Street Journal broke the news of this agreement, which would reportedly be for five years and mark another major deal signed by Filmyard Holdings LLC, the group that now owns the Disney-owned independent film house. After spending over $600 million dollars for the company, Filmyard is now aggressively looking for multimedia deals for their films, including this and talks with Google.

Netflix took a major blow with the lose of Showtime original series and having all of Starz’s content delayed last week. Nothing has been officially confirmed but adding the Miramax catalog can certainly beef up the, I hate to say it, mediocre selection of programming Netflix has.

Biggest question I have is if this is going to include streaming.  For me, that is my main way I view Netflix.  Hell, I even went 6 months disconnected from cable to try and live off just Netflix, Hulu and Youtube and would have continued to do so if there was a greater amount of newer and current programming available.  Where one service falls short, another excels as Netflix can get me all the movies I want, I have to go toHulu or Xfinity for current television - but those guys aren't on the Wii!

So, my little theatre monkeys, sit tight and stay tuned to see how this pans out.  I f I can get the Hellraiser series streaming, then I just may have to make it a movie night marathon!

Source: /Film

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