Saturday, April 2, 2011

AT&T Hates It's Users | They Don't Even Have Their 4G Turned On!

To start off, the term "4G" stands for the "Fourth Generation" of wireless service. And AT&T sure isn't giving that to their clients.

New generation smartphones run with what's called HSUPA capability which allows them to operate at broadband speeds of 5mb/s up to 23mb/s. If you have a Motorola Atrix or HTC Inspire you may have noticed that your phone isn't performing at the speeds it should, AT&T hasn't turned on those phones HSUPA yet.

“The concept of 4G is a joke now,” Gartner Research VP Phil Redman told “At the highest level, it’s supposed to be a technology standard, but it’s nothing but marketing now. If and when 4G-standardized technology is actually decided upon and released, we’ve been inundated with this jargon for so long we may not even recognize it.”

The term “4G speed” seems open to interpretation. Since the International Telecommunications Union — the global authority on telecommunications- and broadband-industry standardization – revised its ruling on what defines 4G network speeds in December 2010, carriers have jumped on the opportunity to market many new smartphones as 4G-enabled. Their definitions have been liberal, to say the least.

And to add insult to injury, Apple's iPhone 4 on AT&T's 3G network runs at a faster stream speed then the Atrix and Inspire which are Androids and supposed to be 4G. “We will be turning HSUPA upload speeds on via a software update to the Motorola ATRIX 4G and HTC Inspire 4G planned for April,” a spokesman said. He also added that “the Samsung Infuse 4G will launch with HSUPA.”

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