Monday, April 11, 2011

"Do No Wrong" Edgar Wright Preps 'Ant-Man' Script

The man that brought 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World' to the big screen admits that Hank Pym may be a lower echelon character in the Marvel Universe but he says, "It should be a great genre film, so that’s why I did a first draft. [Ant-Man] isn't one of their biggest properties, it’s not like a tentpole deadline," explained Wright. "It’s more like 'Let's make a really good script. Let's make a good script that works, that’s all about a great genre film, and that isn’t necessarily relying on anything else.'"

Even though anything Avengers related would, at this point, exist outside the movie's reality, it is good to see Marvel Studios getting behind a talent like Edgar Wright to bring us more of their characters to life. Especially one as challenged as Dr. Henry Pym.

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