Saturday, April 23, 2011

Solo 'Gambit' Film Stalling

Gambit is a man of secrets. At least Taylor Kitsch isn't.

In an interview with, the man known as Gambit from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, discussed the future of Remy LeBeau. Sadly, it's rather bleak.

"There were strong rumors a while ago, but I haven't heard or seen anything tangible anyways," he admitted. "I know if we do it, it'll probably be down the road and we'll do it hopefully a lot darker," Gambit was orphaned as an infant only to be raised by the secret organization known as the Thieves' Guild and later become their patriarch. He would also be an integral member of the  X-Men and be accused by the time travelling Bishop (Days of Future Past) as the traitor that led to the X-Men's demise.

“I'd love to play him again, but it's a matter of doing it right, too. There's no point in just doing it for the sake of doing it. You gotta kill if you're going to do it, so we'll see."

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