Monday, April 11, 2011

'Source Code' Director In Talks For 'The Wolverine'

The rumor mill continues to grind as to who will take over the helm to next year's 'The Wolverine' after Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky abruptly  left preproduction.  The latest name to rise out the cluster fuck is Duncan Jones.

Jones' latest work is the recently released, Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhal and Michelle Monaghan and while at last weekend's Kapow! event, Jones opened up to IGN interviewers about what he has in the works.

"Who knows what'll be coming up next - I have a lot of meetings and catching-up to do when I get back to LA," Jones later admitted one of those meeting would be with 20th Century Fox. "[Wolverine is] more interesting to me than Batman. A good Wolverine film could be an amazing thing."

BTW Jones is the son of David Bowie...

Check out the IGN interview after the jump

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