Thursday, May 19, 2011

Verizon To End Unlimited Data Plans | iPhone 5 To Debut At Same Time As AT&T

Rumors have been circling the drain for over a year now and unfortunately with the popularity of Google's Android smartphones and tablets and now the iPhone under their umbrella, the big V says they'll finally begin tiered data pricing. Mainly due to heavy mobile data users and the growing clientele.

That means heavy data users will pay more per month then others. Gone is the flat rate. Verizon will try and soften the blow by offering up various family plans that look to share a bucket of minutes and data. Along with a large part of the population using more smartphone, I see it as a way for them to try and keep customers from using Skype to communicate on their phones instead of using minutes.

4G iPhone 5?

Even as AT&T also begins to throttle back customer data usage, revenue continues to grow exponential for the top 2 mobile phone providers. Yet unlike AT&T, the Apple phone hasn't been selling as well for Verizon. The biggest complaint from potential buyer is that Verizon's iOS device doesn't support LTE 4G. A service that has been in place since late 2009.

Analysts believe that if the next iPhone doesn't support LTE, they'll at least have a version that utilizes 3G to its fullest potential.

Source: Reuters

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