Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Gots Free Stuff For You Contest! - 1 Pair Of Live 105's BFD Passes

First person with the correct answer wins a pair of passes to Live 105's BFD 2011 at the Shoreline in Mountain View, Sunday June 5th.

Headlining: Linkin Park - Snoop Dogg - The Strokes - Cage The Elephant - go to for the complete line up.

Here we go:

I often use the phrase "Breath Of The Machine God"
1) From where does that originate?
2) From what group of people does that originate?
3) In what context do I generally use that to refer to?

First person to submit the correct answers to all 3 question to by Friday 8PM will get a pair of passes to Live 105's BFD 2011!!!

Don't forget to hit the "+1" button to help gain more web exposure so that I can make the contest thing a regular event! Good Luck!

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