Monday, June 13, 2011

iOS 5 To Pack More Features Then You Can Shake A Stick At | Go! Go! Gadgets!

With iOS 5 packing well over 200 new features, developers and those who managed to get their hands on the updated OS early are still making new discoveries.

iPhone with iOS 5 and headset allow for remote shutter release.

One such new feature is using the iPhone headset as a shutter release button. So if you have the Apple Earphones that come with your iPhone, you can use the Volume Up button with Remote and Mic to activate the shutter. Add this to the many tripods available for the iPhone and you may just have a mini camera rig in the works.

Other Popular iOS 5 features

Notification Center

Similar to the pulldown Android notification tray, Apple has now set up its Notification Center where user can get notifications about new email, texts, friend requests, all in one place.

Twitter Integration

iOS 5 now delivers built-in Twitter integration which lets you tweet from any Twitter-enabled app. This includes Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps. This can be accomplished with a single click and only requires you to sign in once.


Think BBM but for the iPhone. This new feature integrates into the Messages app so you won't need to run through two apps when sending messages. If you happen to send an SMS to another iOS 5 device, it automatically does it through iMessage using WiFi or 3G. iMessage also works on the iPad and iPod touch.

Photo Sharing

You can now instantly share (send) your photos from the camera and photo gallery. The setup will allow 3rd party developers to use the features as they see fit for their apps.

PC Free

iOS 5 devices can now receive OTA updates (over the air), eliminating the need to have to hook up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your PC. You can even WiFi sync your phone with iTunes now.

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