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iPhone 5 Rumor Timeline | Cult Of The Apple

With the iPad currently holding 97% of tablets sold in the US and seemingly everybody and their mother (including mine. Hi Mom!) pulling an iPhone out of their pocket, let's take a look back at the tsunami of rumors and half truths that may or may not be, the iPhone 5.

June 22, 2011
Bloomberg reports that the new iPhone will have a faster A5 processor, an 8-megapixel camera, and support for iOS 5. The new handset will sport a design similar to the iPhone 4's and will be released in September to coincide with iOS 5's debut. On a related note, Bloomberg's source also repeats a rumor that Apple is developing a cheaper iPhone for developing countries.

June 21
The Boy Genius Report predicts that Apple will announce the fully revamped iPhone 5 in early August with a release date later in the month. If true, that timing would bend from tradition, given that Apple usually holds an iPod-themed event in September.

Photos of a brand-new tapered or "tear drop" design also resurface that day. May 23
Taiwian's DigiTimes suggests that the iPhone 5 will have a curved glass screen on par with the Samsung Nexus S' "Contour" design. DigiTimes also says that Apple has bought 200 or 300 glass-cutting machines to be used by glass makers.

May 19
While speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo says that Big Red will carry the next iPhone and that it will "operate in as many countries as AT&T's global iPhone." Shammo's comments also suggest that the device won't have LTE.

May 18
DigiTimes chimes in on the iPhone 4S side with a report that Apple will release an upgraded, but not redesigned handset in September.

May 13
Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek says the next iPhone will show only incremental changes and will lack support for 4G LTE networks. Besides a few cosmetic tweaks, he predicts better cameras, an A5 dual-core processor, and support for HSPA+ networks. Though he says the new device could land at all four major U.S. carriers beginning in September, Misek likens the upgrade to what we saw from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS.

April 19
Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the device will get an A5 processor and a much-improved 8-megapixel rear camera and that it will be released in October or November.

Reuters takes a different track with a report that Apple will begin production of the phone in July for a September release.

April 13
DigitTimes writes that part suppliers in Taiwan still don't know Apple's needs for the handset. What's more, the outlet also says that production of iPhone 4 displays is still going strong.

April 11
AppleInsider quotes an Avian Securities note to investors, which suggests that production will start in September. According to the note, the latest information is "consistent with other findings the organization has heard in recent months." What's more, another rumor mentions that Apple is taking time finding enough part suppliers.

April 7
A new Apple patent application depicts a screen that's built into the area surrounding the traditional touch screen. This could free up space on the main display, and open up new directions for developers.

March 28
A Japanese blog reports that because Apple is behind schedule on securing parts, the iPhone 5 launch could be pushed to October. The blog also says the company is deciding whether to change the back of the iPhone from glass to metal.

March 22
China Times claims the iPhone 5 will have a slightly larger screen, a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, an A5 processor, and a tweaked antenna design to address attenuation. The release data is only set as "later this year."

The same day, The New York Times confirms that future iPhones will have an NFC chip.

March 14
The Independent says that NFC won't make it in the new phone. Instead, the newspaper says, Apple plans to introduce its own mobile payment system next year.

March 11
Reseller iDealsChina posts a "mold engineering" drawing that vendors use to develop iPhone accessories. The drawing shows a handset with a iPhone 4-like design but with a larger display.

March 9
In a deep dive of the new iOS 4.3 code, Apple developers found signs that Apple may add an A5 dual-core processor in the next iPhone version. That would put the handset on par with the iPad 2's processing power.

March 7
Design is the focus of this rumor, which suggests that Apple will ditch the glass backing on the iPhone 4 for a metal, revamp the antenna, and add tapered ends.

February 28
iDealsChina posts a photo of an iPhone 5 front bezel that shows a larger display.

February 15
The A5 chip rumor is raised again when DigiTimes reports that Apple is outsourcing the production of the processor, which will be based on the ARM Cortex A9 design.

February 14
Speculation builds that the new handset will offer a 4-inch, "edge-to-edge" display. The reports suggest that the move would be a direct response to the display design of many Android devices.

We also hear that the iPhone 5 could offer a slide-out keyboard or that it could just offer longer battery life and a better camera.

January 14
An anonymous Apple source told the Boy Genius Report that both the iPad 2 and the next-generation iPhone would lose their home buttons in favor of gesture-based commands that would be part of iOS 4.3.

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