Monday, June 20, 2011

Oregon Man Literally Pisses Away 8 Million Gallons Of Drinking Water | UPDATE: THERE'S VIDEO

It all began when 21-year old Josh Seater was caught on surveillance camera while relieving himself in the open reservoir. "I had a pleasant buzz and I should have known better" said Seater who was stopped by a police officer after the deed was done

In a classic example of over-reaction, Portland Water Bureau decided to drain over 8 million gallons of precious drinking water to rid the system of this cup or two of pee. Many residents are not too happy with the decision which will cost the city over $30,000.

"The consensus appears to be that I am an idiot," said Water Bureau administrator David Shaff who confirmed the reservoir was drained because of the yuck factor, not public safety. "More likely than not a tiny bit of urine in eight million gallons of water isn't going to hurt anybody," he said.


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