Monday, July 11, 2011

Fellow Dick Tracy Wannabes Rejoice! The Meta Watch Is Almost Here! | Go! Go! Gadgets!

If you're too young to know who Dick Tracy is, there was an old comic strip from the 1930's that featured a bad ass gang buster detective that wore this awesome phone watch that he used to communicate with his team. Or you can also think of the communicator watch Doctor Venture uses to keep track of his death prone clone twins.

As for the Meta Watch, the water resistant (3ATM) Bluetooth watch sits among the top of it's peers with the ability to pull e-mails, Facebook updates, weather or just about any info app developers which it to from your Bluetooth enabled device. Not just your smartphone, but laptop, tablet or whatever future developers dream up.

The black leather strap watch also has a built in three axis accelerometer, vibrating motor, ambient light sensor and six frickin' buttons! It may not be an actual video watch, but it'll hold me over until that day comes.

Shipping August 22nd, the Texas Instruments Meta Watch can be pre-ordered here:

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