Monday, July 11, 2011

Witness The Marketing Wheels Begin To Grind For 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

So the interviews begin to flow and more promo pics hit the interwebs as Marvel Studio tries to build up momentum for their friendly neighborhood Spider Man! Here are a handful of facts about the upcoming film:

  • Filmmakers are trying to base the story in actual reality. Comparison is draw to 2008's Iron Man with the character dialogue and current events being showcased in the film and how it effects the characters.
  • Marvel is planning on another trilogy. Since this is a reboot, the idea is to go through Peter Parker's storyline and end the trilogy much the way Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' will with this being a Spider Man "coming of age" story.
  • Spidey's web shooters are mechanical. The reason why will be revealed in the film.
  • Filmmakers tried to film the movie in 3D "in the most natural way". As in they tried not to force shot down our throat of Spider Man flying past screen or debri being flung toward the camera.
  • In trying to keep the movie as close to the comic as possible, the writer kept the dialogue "as naturalistic as possible". No cliche monologues from villains or goofy tell-alls  by the lead characters.
  • The Lizard is the main antagonist

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