Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hot Update To 'The Avengers' Plot By Loki Himself

The God of Mischief has let loose details on his role in 2012's, 'The Avengers': "Loki has made some very shady deals with the gangsters on the streets of the Nine Realms," he told THR. "At the beginning of 'Avengers,' he comes to earth to subjugate it. And his idea is to rule the human race as their king. And like all the delusional autocrats of human history, he thinks this is a great idea because if everyone is busy worshiping him, there will be no wars. He will create some sort of world peace by ruling them as a tyrant. I guess he thinks that unlimited power will give him self-respect."

Hiddleston then told Collider that Loki will do battle with each one of the superheroes in "The Avengers." He said: "Loki goes toe-to-toe with every superhero. I have had a one-on-one with Robert Downey Jr. A one-on-one with Chris Hemsworth. A one-on-one with Scarlett. A one on one with Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Sam Jackson. And it's so exciting to see how different the chemistry is. Not just between the actors. So my one-on-one with Robert becomes a battle of wits and words. My one-on-one with Chris Hemsworth ends up with both of us knocking ten bells out of each other, because that's how we communicate."

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