Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome To #RemakeHell, The Grudge

Let's reboot that shit, Hollywood!!!

If you've ever crawled into a dark and scary attic and thought you weren't alone, well you probably weren't. You more then likely disturbed a spirit and pissed it off. That's how I'm beginning to feel about this 'Ju-on' potential reboot.

 BloodyDisgusting is reporting that the 2002 Japanese horror flick, 'Ju-on' is getting the dreaded reboot. Now the idea of the American version being reimagined by the original director, Takashi Shimizu, pleased me immensely! What better way to bring it to U.S. audiences then let the guy who made it, interpret his vision for the audience! Producers at Ghost House Pictures haven't made it clear yet if it is to be a reboot or sequel (even though rumors for a Grudge 4 were shafted back in 2009) a ten year turn around for reboots isn't unheard of. Spider-Man, anyone?

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