Monday, October 31, 2011

Tesla Roadster To Rise Like The Phoenix

If you're like me, you didn't have enough time to count 10 million pennies before the original Tesla Roadster went out of production.

Well you're in luck, because there may be a successor. Owner Elon Musk confirmed to Autocar that a new Roadster would return in 2014. Unlike its Lotus-based predecessor, the "Roadster 2.0" will apparently be based on Tesla's third-generation platform, which is speculated will likely be built on a"shortened version of the Model S." Musk also noted that the platform will be more "mass-market," giving rise to more pedestrian cars "like BMW's 3 Series".

With the Model S sedan on its way, and the Model X after that, the company certainly has its work cut out for it. But, if either are as delightful as prior Teslas, that'll be reason to cheer.

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