Friday, December 9, 2011

Real Life Bolter | #WH40k

The model currently used by most Space Marines is designated the 'Astartes MK Vb Godwyn pattern'. The Godwyn-pattern bolter has a built-in ammo counter and uses a Sinister/Dexter locking mechanism with a sickle-shaped magazine carrying 30 rounds. It fires the standard Astartes .75 calibre bolt, typically in bursts of four rounds. Other features include a palm-print sensor for genetic identification, as well as an integral targeter that links with the Space Marine's autosenses for superior accuracy. It can also be upgraded with weapon accessories such as the M40 Targeting System.

Like other Space Marine weaponry, Astartes boltguns are designed around their superhuman physique. The weight of each weapon would require most humans to use a supporting brace, with hand-grips larger than any normal human could manage. However, even if a normal human were to fire the boltgun, the resulting recoil would rip their arm from its socket. Normal humans found to be in possession of even a single Astartes bolt round, much less a boltgun, can expect a swift execution for their crimes. (Lexicanium)

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