Sunday, December 11, 2011

Son Of Gojira Strikes! | Nissan Juke-R Concept | Auto-Moto

Because inside of every thirty-something male is a childhood memory of staying up late after raiding the local video store of every vhs copy of any monster the dude at the counter would let him rent. Within that stack of tapes, there would always be a Godzilla movie. That said, there is a more then likely chance our post adolescent thirty-something owns at lest one of his favorite monster movies on dvd or blu-ray. That's who this car is made for.

Nissan has crammed the GT-R's 3.8 liter twin turbo V6 (not a small task by any stretch of the imagination) added the stateside's version of the Skyline's RWD drivetrain and suspension to put forth the Son of Godzilla. Tearing down the track with 485 hp also requires a functional body design to handle the airflow. Check out the split rear wing, nice touch.

Much more functional and practical then a W12 VW GTI, the Juke-R is an actual car made by Nissan and not just a custom builder. Nissan has announced they are only building two, one right hand drive and one left hand drive, but this opens the door of possibilities to getting a manufacturer built one-off super car.

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