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My @Battlefield 3 Wishlist for 2012 | XBox LIVE - ScreenTalker

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-More Hardcore Infantry servers and the ability to access them through Quick Match. Or a healthy mixture of Hardcore and Infantry to get more people willing to play them. It gets lonely in there.

-40mm Mortar Strike from BFBC2 for Recon. I love pissing people off with the indirect fire, I could raise Hell with the good old binocs if I could call in some rain fire!! Or being able to man a 40mm mortar. Especially on Caspian. Yummy.

-A visuals upgrade system for knives. I would be tickled to see a trench knife, a bowie, or jambiya. Or go all out with custom designer knives from devs.

-Upgrades to pistols. I've seen the M1911 S-Tac. Come on guys, you can't save all the best goodies for yourselves. 

-Jungle maps, Jet Skis and ATVs. There are some days you just want to go for a joyride through the jungle.

-More Tunguskas. 'nuff said.

-Fix the land vehicle steering. It seems to be WAAAY too loose. The M1 will sweep past 90degrees on a Sprint run but rotate slow enough to catch two RPGs.

-More uniform choices. Sounds catty but I really liked the ghillie suits.

-Air vehicle tutorials. I didn't spend much time with the Campaign (I know, I'm sorry. All your hard work and I just want to kill aggro noobs) but I don't want to use in-game time to only get shot down by a guy with a jet service star.

-Why is there no AA station on Caspian Conquest map? Or am I really frickin blind and need to spend more time looking around? 

-Compass directions. On the mini map or the ability to pull up a map in the pause menu. If I look down t a map and get blasted, that's my fault entirely. I would also like to be able to coordinate with a squad, especially if they're strangers more efficiently if I had a compass on my map.

Lastly, OPEN UP THE FULL SIZE CONQUEST MAP FOR US CONSOLE GUYS!! I understand we can't get the full 32v32 epic battles of PCs. But dammit why can't I roam the entire Conquest maps with like seven objectives and 500 tickets. By the Machine God that would be awesome! I would sit in a queue for 30 for that!

I'm done.

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