Monday, January 9, 2012

Sony Isn't Slouching at CES ¦ Go! Go! Gadgets!

Sony has a prototype 55-inch Crystal LED display.

(CNet) Sony has its eye on cranking up TV screen resolution.

The electronics and entertainment giant kicked off its CES press conference this evening by unveiling a prototype "Crystal LED display" that uses miniature light-emitting diodes in place of pixels. The technology, which uses 6 million LEDs mounted on the front of the display, is superior to LCD and plasma and promises "super contrast and superwide color gamut," Sony CEO Howard Stringer told those assembled.

While Sony has this 55-inch prototype on display at the conference, it is no where near production or consumers' hands. (CNET staffers at the show are going to give it a look and report back on what they think of it.)

Continuing on the theme of "cutting-edge" resolution, Stringer unveiled a collection of 4K upsscaling Blu-ray player featuring the emerging digital film standard produces a resolution four times that of HD for sharper contrast and have more immersive experience. The technology, already in use in movie theaters, will be making its way into living rooms in the form of a 4K projector.

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