Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Devil Wears Body Armor | The Mansory Merceds SLS

(jalopnik) Luxury car tuner Mansory has done some insane mods in the past, like the gold plated Bugatti but this is more my speed. The Mansory body kit includes a lighter-weight roof and doors, front splitter with oversized inlets, side skirts and a downforce-enhancing rear spoiler with carbon flaps, and fenders that widen the SLS's stance by 66 mm at the front and 84 mm at the rear. A kit of springs and dampers lower the SLS by 20 mm, and Mansory's engine tuning — no details — pushes the SLS to 651 hp, with an 800hp kit optional.

No word on price just yet, but expect to start at $185,750 for the standard Mercedes SLS AMG.

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