Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Early Rumors on Apple iTV: Siri Wants To Hear Me Talking During The Movies | #GoGoGadgets | #CultOfTheApple

Engadget: iTV rumors continue to swirl around the shady backwaters of the internet, but it's not often national papers of record decide to wade in -- Canada's, no less. According to an anonymous source who spilled the beans to the Globe and Mail, Apple's TV set will include Siri-powered voice control, with the virtual assistant also helping in those ever-pressing "programming choices". There will also be gesture recognition courtesy of a front-facing camera and (perhaps most worryingly) an on-screen keyboard for typing into a web browser and other apps. The paper couldn't confirm whether the device will play nice with the rest of la familia iOS, although another mole informed the Canadian news source that both Rogers and BCE Inc are jostling to claim a stake in the mysterious device, with Apple apparently actively courting both carriers.

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