Monday, February 20, 2012

SPOILERS! We Now Can Confirm Who The Villains Are in 'The Avengers' | And I'm Not Suprised

MTVGeek: No way of keeping the secret now.

Gone are the days of us knowing nothing of a movies upcoming release until we see the preview before a major film in theatres. Gone is info being exclusive to printed magazines. Seeing a toyline in stores weeks or monthes after a movies release. These days guys like me are getting copies of screeners weeks before a film hits theatres and having full disclosure on the internet the moment a producer even entertains the idea of bring a movie to life. 

So here it is, in a time of instant gratification and split second information confirmation, the Skrulls are your villains.

From MTVGeek: "During out tour of Jakks Pacific's Toy Fair 2012 showroom, we lucked upon this little gem as we were photographing their display of new board games based on Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a little license known as "The Avengers"! As you can see in these MTV Geek exclusive images, the enemy pieces for the game, while pink, will be very familiar to Marvel Comics' fans. To our eyes, theses little pink wonders from "The Avengers" Mighty Battle Skill and Strategy Game look like the spitting image of the shape-shifting Skrulls! While the Skrull's involvement in the upcoming film have been denied; this coupled with the recent Superbowl ad makes it very hard to argue that they don't play a large part. As an added bonus, the bottom right hand side of the box states it's "the Battle for the Cosmic Cube!""
No shit it was going to be the Skrulls. The Cosmic Cube made its first appearance in the pages of Captain America and though there are several versions of it, every major villain from Thanos to Doctor Doom to The Aborbing Man has tried to get there paws on it. Being that its origin puts it as a creation of the Skrulls, one is left to the assumption that they would be involved in the premiere film of the gathered company of The Avengers.

Plus the preview showing Cap fighting Thor was the dead ringer for me. Skrulls have a tendency to be shape shifters. That convoluted back story can be saved for another post.

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