Monday, February 27, 2012

That's Right! Welcome To #RemakeHell, Transformers | TF4 To Hit Summer 2014

Because Michael Bay hates fan boys.

It's like he's the rich kid that got the outlandish Ninja Turtles birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and a metric shit ton of G.I. Joe toys but poo-poo'd you when you pulled out your Avengers comic books. Or the PD-bag whose parents bought him a brand new Mustang Cobra in high school after he wrecked his IROC Z-28. Just take the things we have a deep seeded love for and run it through Bizarro World.

Transformers 4 will be in theatres Summer 2014.Will I see it? Yes. Will I buy toys of it for my kids? Yes. Will I play the video game and buy the bluray? Yes. Will I be happy? Only if I get the Dinobots, Hot Rod, Daniel Witwicky and the Junkions. All or nothing. My luck, nothing.

"I think we really are going to do a reboot there. [But] what that's going to be, we don't even know yet.... We've got to get a story first. It's a hybrid because there's still continuity going on, and there will be a lot of new cast. Whether there's anybody from the first cast, we don't even know yet. But it's going to be a whole new story. But the characters that would certainly come along would be Optimus and Bumblebee, I'm sure."

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