Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Florid-DUH! | Revenge Of The H2

(Gizmodo) It is very hard to make the driver of a yellow Hummer look like the sensible one in a confrontation.

One way to do the trick? Cut off the Hummer at the gas station and then slam into the pump, causing a massive fire and explosion. That's exactly what happened yesterday at a Miami gas station when a woman apparently got impatient while waiting to fuel up. So she slipped in front of the Hummer that had been waiting in line and got a universal comeuppance in the form of a fiery car explosion.

 No one was injured in the fire, but the gas pump had to be removed, and the car was presumably totaled. Which goes to show: It might be a karmically sound policy to screw with Hummer drivers as much as possible, but you should to try to not explode your car in the process. [CBS]

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