Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marvel Booth Reveals Iron Man 3 Suit As Third Film Continues 'Extremis' Arc

The origin and armor of Iron Man used in the 2008 film Iron Man closely resemble those introduced in "Extremis". Based on his work on "Extremis", artist Adi Granov was brought on as a producer for the film and he created the final designs for Iron Man's armor. On the DVD of Iron Man, "Extremis and Beyond" is included as a special feature. 

In Iron Man 2, a small plot arc of the story involves Tony trying to find a solution to the palladium poisoning from his Iron Man arc reactor, eventually coming to creating a new element for a pacemaker resembling Extremis armor.

The upcoming Iron Man 3 appears to be an adaptation of the Extremis storyline due to the inclusion of Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen, who will be played by Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall respectively.

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