Saturday, September 8, 2012

One "Strange" Characters To Join 'Thor 2' | Casting Call

Thor won't be the only Marvel superhero appearing in the upcoming sequel, "The Dark World." ScreenRant has unearthed a rumor that none other than Doctor Strange will make his Marvel movie debut in the second "Thor" film.
According to the rumor, the movie sees Jane Foster working alongside Doctor Stephen Strange similarly to how she worked with Doctor Eric Selvig in the first "Thor." Strange wouldn't be relegated to cameo status, either; the rumor states that "he would be playing a big part in 'all three acts' of the film." Furthermore, Strange would be a scientist with interest in Foster's field of study and the tales of Asgard, a deviation from his status as a surgeon in the comic books.
Take the Strange rumor with a massive pinch of salt — "Dark World" is already filming, and it feels like we would have heard something about Strange by now if he was truly a major player throughout the movie. That said, we'd be very into the idea of Doctor Strange finding his way into the Marvel movie universe. If it can't be through his own film, then "Thor" is certainly not a bad option.

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