Thursday, January 31, 2013

Upgradabilty May Give XBox An Advantage In Next-Gen Battle

Unconfirmed Sources:   As reported by Xbox World, in which is revealed an impressive system, the next-gen XBox may offer an upgrade-able design, which may bring more PC gamers into the living room and offer a way to improve console games like never before. Fueled by the long running tease of a Steam-powered console from Valve, Sony and Microsoft may have finally gotten the big push they needed in order to meet the demands of the software by allowing the user to improve on the hardware. We've seen this before; with the Sega 32X and even the Nintendo 64. You figure that even at the release of a new product, it's already outdated in 18 months.

So here's what we think may happen:

  • A "Kinect 2.0" will be available which may incorporate "IllumiRoom" (Youtube)
  • Kinect 2.0 may integrate glasses, which would allow for an augmented reality experience (CNet)
  • At this point, Blu Ray should be a given
  • Redesigned controller to have a touchscreen (CNet)
  • Directional audio/video output and input in which would suggest the ability to use dual monitors or a second screen on the controller (CVG)
  • Accessible and removable harddrive; hopefully of the solid state variety to increase durability and even be forward looking to the next, next-gen in transfer-ability

And of what we do know is that EA has already stated the Battlefield 4 will be next-gen game but that has literally just been pushed back to "next year" (OXM), whether that means next fiscal year or next calendar year, has yet to be seen. And according to EA CEO John Riccitiello, Battlefield and last year's best-selling Xbox 360 series, FIFA, will be EA's top two franchises going into next gen. "We think Battlefield and FIFA are going to help us lead as we move into the next set of technology opportunities and platform opportunities, and continue to get bigger."

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