Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Superman Lives: Directed By Tim Burton, Written By Kevin Smith, Starring Nicolas Cage | Yes, This Was To Happen

comicbookmovie I don't know if I'm sad that this didn't get made or thankful that it didn't. Imagine this if you would, it's the summer of 1998, Nicolas Cage isn't a washed up actor taking on every role he can to payoff his IRS bill, and he is your Superman. Lois Lane is played by Courtney Cox. Before the Botox face. Oddly enough, Kevin Spacey was always the first choice for Lex Luthor, and Tim  Allen was to voice Brainiac. And then imagine that sassy young comedian, Chris Rock as... Jimmy Olsen!?

Well, perhaps that's a kryptonite bullet we all dodged. Now matter how classic Burton's Batman is, I think Cage would have been the factor in fucking up the franchise. Did you see Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance? Check out the concept art after the jump.

Brainiac concept

Brainiac/Luthor hybrid

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