Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Benicio Del Toro Joins "Guardians Of The Galaxy," Signs Multi-Film Deal | Could He Be Thanos?!

SplashPage After snatching up Glenn Close and Karen Gillan (and possibly John C. Reilly), Deadline has reported that Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro has joined the cast in an unnamed, but super big, role.

Exactly who Del Toro is playing remains a mystery, but Deadline says that he's playing "a character that is built to be part of future Marvel films." That sounds pretty big, and if this character factors into future Marvel movies, then he has to be playing Thanos... right?

Thanos was originally played by actor and Damion Poitier in "Marvel's the Avengers," but that was a brief, non-speaking cameo. Kevin Feige has already stated that Marvel Studios feels "pretty free to recast" since Poitier was hired for just a brief, over-the-shoulder shot. It also makes sense to cast an actor of Del Toro's range for a role as meaty as Thanos.

It's also possible Del Toro could be lending his voice to Rocket Raccoon or Groot, but I don't think that makes sense considering the multi-film deal Del Toro apparently signed. Rocket's great and all, but I don't see him being as important to the overall Marvel line as Thanos possibly will. These two CG characters still remain a mystery, as the entire galaxy gets cast around them.

There are other roles he could play, and we will most definitely make our guesses (we love doing that). But this movie is nearing "X-Men: Days of Future Past" level crowded, which is incredibly exciting but just a few inches away from unwieldy. The film looks to include the modern Guardians, the Nova Corps, the classic Guardians and some villains as well. Del Toro could easily slide into roles we already have a hunch will be in the film (like Thanos), or his casting could be like Glenn Close's, whose casting as Nova Prime broadened the film's reach to a whole other corner of the Marvel Universe.

Or maybe Marvel is taking a jab at Fox using Quicksilver and he'll be playing Emperor D'Ken, the X-Men's big cosmic baddie. Anything is possible at this point!

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