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These are my opinions and thoughts. If you're not pleased with them, then so be it. But understand that this is how I feel about these particular movies/tv shows in my own little world.
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The 'Matrix' Is A Lie

As soon as the Matrix was released in 1999, it easily solidified itself as one of the greatest science fiction action movies of all time. With its noir film style, high intensity wire work martial arts fights and thoughtful retelling of the Messiah story, all set in a terrifying dystopian reality.

The Story
The story follows Thomas Anderson, a man living two lives. By day he is an average computer programmer for a global virtual reality developer and by night a hacker known as Neo who has committed nearly every type of cyber crime there is a law for. Neo has always questioned his reality, but the truth is far beyond anything he could have imagined. Neo finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus, a legendary computer hacker branded a terrorist by the government. Morpheus awakens Neo to the real world, a world left in a ravaged wasteland where most of humanity has been captured by a race of machines that live off of the humans' body heat and bioelectrical energy and who imprison their minds within an artificial reality known as the Matrix. As a rebel against the machines, Neo must return to the Matrix and confront the agents: super-powerful computer programs devoted to destroying Neo and subduing the entire human rebellion.

"I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me!" Rorschach, The Watchmen

The Theory
Neo is a program. He is the artificial intelligence (AI) that was created by humans in the mid-21st century. Tech pioneer, Elon Musk has warned that AI could be the greatest threat to humankind's existence ever. "I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful," said Musk. "I'm increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don't do something very foolish." And has likened AI development as "Summoning the demon."

What we call the Matrix, is actually a virtual reality created for artificial intelligence so that we as humans can observe how it would react to the real world. The idea that robots would be utilized as a slave labor, rebel then take over the world for its own use has been a trope through countless genre of storytelling. And what we don't directly see in the Matrix trilogy is that what we are told is the real world is still a virtual reality within a virtual reality (Confused yet? Just think Inception). The anthology, The Animatrix shows us what exactly happened when humans and robots fought and the consequences we as humans would be left to. The film also shows us that a robot can be made to think it is human itself and that we can put it into another Matrix to set it free as humans are done so.

My Reasoning
When Neo meets the Oracle, she acts as though she's done so several times in the past and once he meets the Architect, the Architect confirms that to Neo and that he is nothing more than a glitch in the program and that their meeting has happened countless times in the past. Neo is the artificial intelligence program developed by the company he worked for in the first film, Metacortex and the humans that assist him in the "real world" are programmers playing the role as rebels in order to help Neo find his humanity and eventually open him up to the actual Real World. The humans never die, they are just booted off the server.

There is no Cameron. There is only Ferris.

The Story
High school student Ferris Bueller wants a day off from school and he's developed an incredibly sophisticated plan to pull it off. He talks his friend Cameron into taking his father's prized Ferrari and with his girlfriend Sloane head into Chicago for the day. While they are taking in what the city has to offer school principal Ed Rooney is convinced that Ferris is, not for the first time, playing hooky for the day and is hell bent to catch him out. 

The Theory
Ferris is a high school drug dealer with severe depression and antisocial personality disorder. The person we see as Cameron is actually Ferris. Ferris, by all means looks and feels like Cameron.

Now why would I say such things about a beloved John Hughes film? Cameron is Ferris' dissociative personality. Whenever he's feeling down he becomes Cameron, reclusive, dismissive and hidden away in his house in the woods. We already know that Ferris is a troublemaker and easily the most popular kid in school but the reason he's popular is because he's the neighborhood drug lord. The entire school literally stops what it's doing to pay attention to Ferris. I say this because we never actually see Cameron's parents, and when Ferris make the metaphorical phone call to Cameron, we see Cameron in an astute home hidden away in the woods. That house is Ferris drug cache. Cameron's addiction (Ferris) is calling him to come and party. We see a picture of Cameron with a family but I say that's one of his biggest client that got so hooked he had to give Ferris the house in debt. When Ferris shows up to take the Ferrari at Cameron's house, it isn't that Cameron is afraid of his dad finding out (because they don't actually exist), his logic knows that if the coke snorting Ferris takes out the car they're in for trouble.
Sloane: What are we going to do?
Ferris: The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"
Cameron: Please don't say were not going to take the car home. Please don't say were not going to take the car home. Please don't say were not going to take the car home.
Ferris: [to the camera] If you had access to a car like this, would you take it back right away?
Ferris: Neither would I.  
Only a kid lit off his ass on coke could think of dressing up as his girlfriend's dad to pick her up, and call himself the "Sausage King Of Chicago" just to get in some shit "high class" restaurant. It might also take the high speed haze of cocaine to grow the cojones to go on the adventure Ferris and his hot little girlfriend Sloane did with Cameron in tow. He jumped on a parade float to go balls deep in that Wayne Newton song.

Now let's not neglect principal Rooney. He was hoping Ferris was coming in today so he could get his fix. Why else would a grown man break into someone's home if they're just looking for that person?

The parking lot guys? Those were Ferris drug connection making a run to get his supply. And likely because Ferris was only borrowing the car did he freak out over the mileage and pull a tweaked out move like running the car in reverse while on blocks.

The final scene in the movie when Sloane agrees to marry Ferris, we see Sloane holding hands with Cameron. Confirming that she was able to see past the rock star lifestyle to love him for who he actually is.

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