My Approach To Movie Viewing

There's a convoluted and contradicting approach I take with me into movie appreciation.
If you've ever watched MST3k or enjoyed the music video riffs Beavis & Butthead did, well that's what it's like watching a movie with me and mine.

- If It Was A Comic Book Or Novel, Read Up On It First
Even reading the synopsis on and Google'ing the original story can help bring you into the right kind of mind frame to understand the story.

- Big Producers, Big Directors, Big Actors, Big Special Effects Can Quickly Turn Into A Big Load Of Shit

    - If It's A Remake, Watch The Original

        - Don't Get Caught Up In The Hype!
        A marketing blitz on a film can mean it sucks more balls then a 4'9" Tanned Gremlin From New Jersey.  Don't argue the fact with me that I think these movies suck. Check Out My Blacklist

        - Know How and When To Separate Special Effects From The Story  
        I'm a sucker for CGI, puppetry, good make up and a really touching story, but there are movies that there are terrible from concept to finish.

        -Have A Set Basis Of What A Good Film Is To You And Use That As Your Yard Of Measure.  
        The best movies of all time, in my opinion are:

        Now the reason I think these movies are great are rather simple: Solid story and script.  Well performed acting.  Intuitive and creative direction and cinematography.  State of the industry effects; meaning that if the movie has special effects or make up, it was the best available at that time.